alligator 5


The day I wrestled an alligator

Day 5  

I began to run towards him like if I haven’t seen him in years. This feeling knowing he was okay just made me so comfortable and satisfied. I looked at him with the biggest smile on my face and said “let’s go home now dad.” We walked around the camp first for my dad to say goodbye to the people that keeped him safe of anything else eating him. I was tired all I wanted to do is get home lay down on my bed and sleep. I didn’t want to think about anything at the moments. My mind was blank at the moment. But finally my dad told me it was time to go. So we went to our new boat that the leader of the camp gave us. We got on it and rode of to the sunset.

The day I wrestled a alligator

Day 4

Still looking for my father, there was something in the water. Something out of the ordinary. It was a finger! Not a random finger that finger looked familiar. It knew it was familiar because it had a ring on it. That ring was my dad’s ring.

I started to panic because I thought this was the end. I thought I was never going to get out of here. I began to tear up getting depressed because I had nothing. No food, no boat, and no father. From having everything to having nothing. But this weird feeling in my stomach, this feeling an unexplainable feeling. I just felt like there was hope, like my father was still alive. I began to swim more and more. Still scared and swimming and swimming. There was nothing, just water and trees and more water.

As soon as I was about to give up I came across something. Something strange, never have I seen something like this before. It was a little shelter place. And there he was my father………

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The day I wrestled an alligator

Day 3

      We began to spin in the water. We spun and spun and spun to the point that I was getting dizzy. The alligator won’t give up and I don’t either. We both are going at it. Both of us trying not to die one is choking the other out and the other is trying to bit the other one. In my mind I was thinking this was going to be the end he life.

It was a crazy battle till out of nowhere we both sink into the swamp I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know if the alligator gave up and left or I actually choked it out. A few seconds pass and it was over. I didn’t know where I was. I just saw water and trees.

I didn’t see my boat nor my dad. I was alone. I didn’t know what to do, so I began to swim to land.



The day I wrestled an alligator

Day 2

As time went on the alligator keep trying to knock us over and over again. Till finally it knocked us over we both fell into the water. We both are trying to swim away to like a rock or something for safety. I was scared I didn’t know what to do. I was panicking.

My dad being a good swimmer because he has basically been around water all his life, well he got to shore. And then there is me of course, not knowing really how to swim. I felt the alligator make circles around me for a period of time. Like thirty second pass it gets quiet, I feel nothing around me everything was still. Like not even twenty seconds pass and there it was, the creature was right in front of my face, it was an alligator with an opened mouth rushing at me.

My quick reaction was to move so I did. The second instinct I got was to get on his back so it doesn’t have a chance on biting me. As I proceed to be on its back holding on for my life……


The day I wrestled an alligator

 Day 1

One day I was with my pops riding through The Great Dismal Swamp. It was a nice 81 degrees and the wind was not that strong but they were not that weak. It was just perfect.

So we were riding just talking about life and how fun this is, when all of a sudden we felt something hit our boat. At first we didn’t really pay attention to it because we thought we just hit a rock or something. So we go on further and further away from shore. As we go on nothing has really happened it was quiet not sounds, the only sounds we can hear and is the water and the boat rocking back and forth. And then again we felt something hard hits our bout. Now we are alerted and now wonder if it could not be another rock. We look around and see nothing. It was a short amount of time when we felt something hard hit again. It was this time when the boat almost flipped over! My pops telling me that I should not panic so the boat won’t flip. As we remain to keep calm we realized that it was silent maybe too silent. We look around to see if we could spot anything.

We see nothing for the first second and then I see a black alligator head just pop up out the water. I froze I didn’t know if I should yell or move away or anything. I stared at the alligator for seconds before it got back into the water…….